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For Dads & Partners



Congratulations! You're going to be at the birth of a baby! Whether this is your first baby, or you're an experienced birth partner, you have an important role to play.  You may feel really excited or a little nervous as you wonder if you'll be able to remember everything that you learned in childbirth class when the big day finally comes.  It is common to experience these feelings.  It may be that you would welcome some extra help, or it could be that you are wondering why a family might need or want a doula.

As doulas, we understand and honor the special role that dads and partners have during the birth.  We are there to support you and guide you through labor, so that together, we can help mom have the birth she envisions.  Sometimes, there is concern about feeling left out or unneeded if a doula is there.  Please take heart in knowing that we will be working as a team.  You and the mother will actually help determine the doula's role as she interacts with your family.    

Maybe you are coming to the birth because you want to be there for support, but feel squeamish about the process of the birth.  A doula can help you to work within your comfort zone and be there emotionally for mom. 

If you are the kind of person who wants to be really involved—you envision cord-cutting and maybe have dreams of actually catching the baby, then a doula can show you various ways to be closely involved in the birth process.  Together, your support and the doula's will mesh, providing well-rounded physical and emotional support for the pregnant person.