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Get Your Om On: Prenatal Yoga in Albuquerque

Doulas of the Southwest

Prenatal yoga has tons of benefits: it can help you feel more calm and centered, as well as prepare your body and mind for labor and birth. Research has found lots of good outcomes associated with a regular prenatal yoga practice, too, like a lower risk of depression and higher birth weights for babies. Here’s a list of studios and people who provide prenatal yoga in Albuquerque. Pick one (or a few!) and get your om on!

1. High Desert Yoga: High Desert is well-known for their popular and long-running prenatal yoga classes, located just east of Nob Hill. The classes happen on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, giving you a good range of days to practice. Check out the schedule for more information on when to go.

2. Bhava Yoga Studio: Huning Highland yoga spot Bhava has both private and public prenatal yoga.

3. Labor of Love: If you’re birthing at Lovelace Women’s or Lovelace Westside hospitals, you can join the free Labor of Love program and get a bunch of pregnancy perks, including free prenatal yoga classes. Contact the program for more information.

4. Women’s Specialists: The collaborative midwife and physician practice Women’s Specialists of New Mexico offers a prenatal yoga class every Thursday night—the first class is free and subsequent classes at $10. Classes are located at their downtown office, inside of the office building at Presbyterian Hospital. More information can be found here.

5. 3B Yoga: Popular Ashtanga-based yoga studio 3B offers prenatal classes several times a week in their pretty Northeast Heights space. Click here to see the schedule.

6. The Remedy Day Spa: Just across the street from UNM, this tranquil spa offers classes in partnership with New Life Birth Services.

If you know of other teachers or studios who offer Albuquerque prenatal yoga, please let us know and we will add them to the list!