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Kim Racette

Kim Racette

My name is Kim Racette.  I have been blessed to be a part of women having babies since January of 2004.  I received my doula certification through Inspired Birth and Families, and have attended the Doula From Within workshop, taught by Pam England.  I have also taken midwife Jenny West’s class on the powers of the placenta, and offer as an additional service to my clients, or to new mothers, preparation of the placenta for ingestion.  I was able to take a workshop taught by Paul Barlow and Jenny West on Craniosacral Techniques for the Birth Worker.  I am trained in hypnobirthing for pregnancy (and had my last two sons under self-induced hypnosis in the home environment), and water-birthing. 

Training and experience aside, I think that the thing that makes me an effective doula is my inherent empathy towards new mothers during their birthing experiences.  I am able to sense what the people around me are feeling, and I believe that this gift helps me to be caring and sensitive to the women, and to their partners, during the birthing process.  I feel as if I was born to be a mother (my nickname growing up was “Little Mother,” because of the interest I had in taking care of my baby sisters). I have had four children, two in the hospital environment, and two at home, and believe the role now falls upon me to help new mothers have the same wonderful experiences I have enjoyed. 

I have a dream that my children, my grandchildren, and you, will only have positive, uplifting and powerful birth stories. My goal as a doula is to do my part to make that dream come true

Phone:  505-228-6163

E-Mail:  jklkim@aol.com

Website: www.angeltouchdoula.com