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Robin Younger

Robin Younger

Robin is taking a limited number of birth clients and is currently focusing on postpartum doula support.

I am a mother of two wonderful daughters and became a first time grandmother in 2015. Please ask me about my grandchildren!  My own experience giving birth with a doula more than twenty years ago, inspired me to want to do this work for other women. I attended my first birth in 2003 which gave me more inspiration to pursue my doula path. Since becoming a doula in 2007, I have had the great honor of working with Albuquerque women and their families as a birth and postpartum doula.

After almost a decade, I still love attending births and being there with parents through their journey of their birth process. In addition, I have come to really love and appreciate the post-birth end of doula work - providing in-home care and services to families during the important transitional time of welcoming a new baby. I feel so lucky to be able to do this doula work that I love - nurturing and supporting families within our community.

Phone: 505-259-5415

Website: www.albuquerquedoula.com

Email: robinwyounger@gmail.com