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Julia Hyams

Parenthood is amazing!

Parenthood is amazing!

Julia Hyams

When I was pregnant in 2016 I wasn’t sure I needed a doula with the extra expense and an additional person at my birth. My plan was to use the Dar a Luz birth center but when I was transferred to the hospital I decided I wanted a doula on my birthing team. During some of the intense emotions that came with birth it was so reassuring to have my doula present.

Fast forward through my labor and birth and I can say that my experience was not only transformative but also beautiful. I decided quickly after my birth that I needed to become a certified birth professional and doula because I believe more people should have this type of empowering birth story.

Birth does not need to be surrounded by fear. As your doula I provide unbiased, evidence based, educational support. I also make sure that you are not left in the dust of medical terminology and are instead an active participant in your birth. The room becomes safely yours whether that is in the hospital, birthing center or your home. I then support your choices with unwavering, nonjudgmental confidence that allows you as the birthing person to be yourself and step into your power.

During your birth I will use my experience to make movement and position suggestions. I never, however, take the place of your partner. Your partner is an integral part of your birth and I will support you both.

It’s a big decision: to doula or not to doula! Meet all of us. See who your personality connects with, and then trust your gut. I look forward to chatting with you about your baby and your birth and wish you a happy pregnancy, birth and journey into parenthood.

website: yourdoulajulia.com

email: hello@yourdoulajulia.com